When the right message reaches a wide audience, it can change the world for the better. When messages are clear and understood, it’s easier for audiences to take action.

It’s this drive to help audiences understand some of the world’s most complex challenges that led us to create our agency’s publishing project, Weapons of Reason. And that work has enabled us to partner with Greenpeace.

The Arctic A-Z from Weapons of Reason magazine

We have a head start on Greenpeace briefs thanks to Weapons of Reason, but we don't make assumptions

We can’t just outline a problem – we need to talk about issues in terms that make sense to our audience.

So, our first step is always to find out more about the people we’re trying to reach. What drives them, and how do we communicate the information that matters, at just the right time?

The Arctic issue of Weapons of Reason

Weapons of Reason’s launch issue focused on the Arctic, a barometer for our changing planet.

The Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior boat

Understanding who you’re talking to sparks effective creative work 

Our projects for Greenpeace have needed different formats – from fundraising drives, to campaigns like Just Tuna, or a global brand identity for People vs Oil. But each time, the audience comes first.

Greenpeace No Arctic Oil protest
Greenpeace climate change protest

Empathising with who we want to reach helps us tailor our work, and we do this through research. Because we have a shorthand on the issues, we can use our time at the beginning of projects to workshop and understand how these issues are being viewed by the people we’re talking to.

Project focus

Just Tuna

To combat the ethical and human rights violations in the tuna fishing industry, Greenpeace needed a campaign that spoke directly to consumers.

Greenpeace Just Tuna illustrations

Just Tuna was a guerilla campaign to expose the most unethical tuna brands and convince buyers to change their habits. We designed a league table showing the worst offenders, plus a toolkit for Greenpeace to make materials — like stickers tagging unethical suppliers at point-of-sale.

Greenpeace Just Tuna guide design

The campaign had 41,000 sign-ups in three days and was dubbed “the new horse meat” scandal by the press. Thai Union — the world’s largest tuna company — subsequently agreed to change their fishing and HR practices.

Just Tuna sticker on John West tuna in a supermarket

It’s going really well with over 87,000 people joining the campaign for sustainable and ethical tuna. HAA created a versatile, vibrant asset package that catered to all of our needs and really brought the campaign to life.

Emily Buchanan, Art & Editorial Coordinator at Greenpeace

Greenpeace Just Tuna fold out guide print design
Icon of a hand
1 in 3 seafood workers in Thailand who provide the UKs tuna have been trafficked…
Greenpeace Just Tuna data visualisation
57% of seafood workers in Thailand who provide the UKs tuna have subjected to forced labour…

Project focus

People vs. Oil

We were asked to help Greenpeace unify their campaigning work against the oil industry, under one global brand.

Join the movement to end the age of oil

Greenpeace have long been campaigning against the oil industry, and we were asked to create a brand to unify their efforts. People vs. Oil is an umbrella brand accessed via an online portal, which hosts the guidelines and core assets.

Greenpeace People vs. Oil brand hub website

These assets are used by global Greenpeace teams. And the flexible design system allows each team to change the building blocks of “People vs. Oil” to create messaging their audience will respond to.

Greenpeace People vs. Oil social cards

Project focus


With an ethical goal of stopping climate change, the Greenpeace-supported financial services company Genervest needed a brand that reflected its values.

Genervest is a financial services company offering peer-to-peer lending, plus a foundation and support teams, all aiming to stop climate change. We were asked to build the Genervest brand, which meant creating a brand people would trust in a sector many don’t.

Genervest for Greenpeace website design

The brand purpose — “giving the people the power to stop climate change” — became the anchor for our work. The visuals were modern, easy to use and digitally driven, while the conversational tone of voice helps build that trust.

Genervest for Greenpeace business card design
Genervest for Greenpeace outdoor advertising
Genervest for Greenpeace website icon design

It was wonderful to work with HAA. Together we helped our new company emerge. We learned a lot and something beautiful was created.

Phillip Stovold, Managing Director at Genervest

Our partnership is powered by a common goal

We believe in Greenpeace’s vision of a greener, healthier and more peaceful planet. And we want to use our ability to create effective brand-led communications to support that vision.

Whatever a project asks of us, our approach is the same. We keep the brand and audience front of mind, to communicate messages that inspire action and positive change.